Music that is Good to Listen To

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to music, I can be a little out-of-the-loop. I find out about sweet bands about a year after their good album is released. However, thanks to my friendship with morning show co-host David Wonders, I'm finding out about delightful music as it comes out. 

The latest? The Civil Wars. Yesterday, they released a new album, "Barton Hollow." Relevant Magazine has the scoop with an interview. I haven't been able to listen to a lot of the album, but the tracks I've listen to are just good, good stuff, including the title track, Barton Hollow. They've got a good folksy sound, and while the music isn't "blatantly Christian," the band members are Christians. As my professor said, "it's just some Christian peeps havin' fun crankin' out some tunes." This is true. Fun music.

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