Something about Jersey Shore is redeemable (apparently).

“The Situation” is rigorously committed to, well, doing his laundry. He exemplifies disciplined pursuit of things that truly matter to him. Sadly, these ends are not ultimate; they are trivial and in many cases sinful. This does not obscure the point, however; for Christians, profitable rebuke can show up in the unlikeliest of places. If Mike Sorrentino can devote himself rigorously to what he sees as important, why do I struggle to do the same, when I am captured by Christ and given all things in him (Rom. 8:32)?

-- Owen Strachan
If you've ever watched the show, you've probably thought to yourself, "hmm...I wonder what Snooki would do if she were president for a day." Thankfully, Snooki answered that so you don't have to go on wondering about such a question. Whether or not she'll be running, probably with John McCain, against the likes of Romney, Palin and Bachmann, no one really knows.

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