Do They Owe Us?

Our long national (potential) nightmare is over – football will go on. Everyone breathe.

Over the past couple days I’ve heard numerous people say that that the commissioner and the owners of National Football League teams now owe its fans for the things that they’ve missed. Alex Marvez argued this yesterday in an article on FoxSports.com. Deciding to write on that topic makes sense, at a glance. Football fans haven’t had news outside of legal mumbo-jumbo for months and, of course, any article in support of the fans (everyone reading it) will be popular. Yeah…you guys are getting the shaft! They’re bad! You’re good! You deserve better! But really, to argue such a thing is lunacy.

Strangely, the fans created both the problem and the solution to this lockout. The problem: there’s a ton of money that needs to be split up, and how its split up will always be up for debate. People are greedy. Where does that money come from? Obsessive fans. The solution: figure it out so we don’t miss out on any of that money from the fans. But to say that the league owes the fans? Roger Goodell said that he looks forward to winning the fans back, but the question is: did the fans have any reason to stray?

You bet they did. Why don’t we take a look at the grievances NFL fans should have against this league:

-Couldn’t see those mini-camp highlights.
-Couldn’t hear about how OTA’s were going.
-Couldn’t hear about off-season trade speculation.
-People thought about that Sunday afternoon absent of football.
-The Hall of Fame Game

The NFL should be ashamed. I’m shocked the NFL isn’t giving away tickets for this season’s games due to non-existent demand.

Baseball fans are accused of being fickle for their bitterness when Major League Baseball missed most of a season and cancelled the 1994 World Series (really though, they had every right to be miffed since it isn’t crazy to say the Expos had a great shot to win it all that season, and that team was awesome). But now, football fans deserve something when the league to which they give all their money figured out how to divide it before they missed anything substantial? And who actually cares about the Hall-of-Fame Game?

What a horrible, awful couple of months. Sadly we had to miss out on training ca….wait….we had to miss football on Sunday after….wait…oh…we missed nothing.

Fans should be thanking the NFL for compacting several months’ transactions and rumors into one week and thus creating the most interesting off-season week in football history.